Learn How to Create a Strategy Planning Session Offer That Your Dream Clients Will Rave About

I'm going to teach you exactly how to structure, create, and deliver an exceptional strategy session offer that will allow you to SCALE!

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Sell Your Strategy. 

Clients love opportunities to get quick wins and plans that they can then implement QUICKLY!

In you are an online service-based business, you can absolutely sell the STRATEGY and skip the actual DOING of the work.

This means you can generate revenue quickly, in less time, and with less STRESS than serving a client 1-1.

If you want to reach 6-figures, you need offers that serve your audience without requiring more TIME.

Imagine being able to serve more people in your zone of genius without having to do the actual WORK?

What if you could create a full-time income without working full-time hours?!

This is 100% possible! Selling my strategy sessions allowed me to initially scale MY business. I've seen how powerful they are... and these sessions are in DEMAND right now!!

Ready to get access to my exact process for how I structure and deliver sessions that clients LOVE?

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How Does This Work? 

This Masterclass is JUICY! I give everything away for how to create this offer and sell it!

You get my exact process, template, and all the important information that will allow you to effectively sell 90-Day Planning sessions to your clients, regardless of what industry you are in, and provide them with amazing results!!

I'm going to teach you...

Systems  -what  you need in place in order to sell and execute

Preparation - what you should do prior to the session

Leading the Session - What you should cover during the call

Deliverables - what you should include

Time Commitment - how much time to reserve for completion 

Pricing - how to initially price your offer and increase over time

Examples -  Real examples of what I've helped clients achieve in these sessions

Scale - How to offer this as a VIP day (yes, you can do it virtual) but this will also give you some ideas for future offers in Q3 + Q4

Ready to create a profitable strategy session offer RIGHT NOW? Let's get started!

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What Do People Think? 

Gabrielle has increased clarity and direction after solidifying her Strategy Session offer with this Masterclass!


Courtney Freitag

Brand Designer

Your masterclass helped me get clear on packaging up strategy as a stand-alone service and funneling clients into my larger packages. I'd been doing strategy in some form with my branding clients anyway, but these 90-minute intensives help us go deeper and I absolutely love the conversations, clarity and a-ha moments that come from these. Thanks! 

Claudia Busque

Online Business Manager

I loved it and it was so valuable for me! I have 2 strategy sessions planned this week. Tomorrow will be my first time ever providing a strategy session and this is because of this Masterclass that gave me the confidence to launch this new offer for my clients. Thank you Melissa!!

Meighan L. O'Toole

Director of Operations

If you are thinking about buying this class - DO IT! It's chocked FULL of actionable advice and information as well as to die for bonuses!

Kim Brown

Founder, Gr8Collaboration

I recently attended Melissa's Strategy Session Masterclass and it is jammed packed with tips, techniques, examples, tools, language and positioning. I saw IMMEDIATE results when I implemented just ONE of her techniques. I feel like I have more confidence and sales certainty. I have seen 10x my ROI from just one technique.