Learn How to Add A Profitable Consulting Offer in 7 Weeks


If you've built a thriving business as an OBM, DOO, strategist, or other 1-1 service provider... and know you are ready for more growth WITHOUT being in the weeds of the day-to-day details... adding a high-ticket consulting offer might be the perfect solution.


The Consulting Framework Accelerator will show you the steps to take to create a model that gets you out of the "doing" and into your zone of expertise as an expert resource, guiding clients on strategy and key next steps in order to grow their business and reach their goals.


This 7-week, hands-on program will teach you how to uplevel your mindset and offer suite so you can book premium, high-ticket clients without being "in the weeds" with managing them.


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I cannot wait to share my framework and resources with you so you can move away from the day-to-day "doing" and sign 4-figure consulting contracts with confidence!

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