Grow and Scale Your Online Business With an Experienced Mentor 

Personalized coaching to SKYROCKET your income!

The next cohort begins January 2022. 


If you want to know exactly what to do in order to effectively GROW and SCALE your online business, then I have something special for you.

I left a cushy corporate job to follow my husband across the country. Finding a job in our new location proved to be REALLY hard.


So, I started an online business as a virtual assistant.

I really had no idea what I was doing. Eventually, I figured it out but it took a few years (yes, years).

What changed? 

For starters, I realized the importance of investing in myself.  

I invested in courses and trainings.

I completed advanced certifications.

I learned so much about how to run my business.... but still struggled to put all the pieces together.

I finally found the secret sauce I'd been searching for...

I hired a coach.

Ever since that point, I have...

  • 5-10x my rates
  • Consistently grown my business 
  • Become completely booked OUT with a waitlist of clients
  • Made more than I ever did in my corporate job while only working a fraction of the time -- on my own terms, with boundaries that my clients love and respect.

That's not all.

People started asking me how I did this. How was it possible that I became so successful so quickly.

My answer was always the same.... HIRING A COACH!

Having my own coach helped me to quickly get a solid PLAN and STRATEGY in place. 

I needed someone a little further down the line to tell me what to do.

Suddenly, people started asking ME to coach them.

Almost overnight, I became booked out (again!!) but this time with coaching clients.

But, I only have so much time and I want to help as many people as possible.

Which is why I am so excited about...

The UpLevel Lounge Group Coaching Program

This high-level group coaching program is perfect for established online business owners looking to GROW and SCALE with an experienced mentor.

When you invest in coaching, you skip to the front of the line and get my EXACT steps to make sure you are positioned to scale.

I walk you through everything you need to do in order to make more income, become booked out, and finally get your business where you want it to be.

There is no guessing, no piecing advice together, and no wondering if you're doing this right.

I walk right beside you, giving you personalized coaching, feedback, advice, and ideas.

Together, we will grow your business to where YOU really want to be.


This intense, personalized, 4-month program is designed for a small group of women who are ready to explode their income in their online businesses....

Every month, we will explore a new theme related to online business.

We will begin with an intense, information-packed training session.

Then, you start implementing the training in your business.

Later in the month, we will have follow-up trainings to make sure you have the support you need and every question gets answered.

I pack a ton of value into each small cohort in order to help to reinforce the concepts you are implementing to make sure there are no holes.

This group coaching program only opens a few times a year and it sells out EVERY SINGLE TIME. 

Here's Why It Works

Coaching is one of the most valuable investments you can make in your business.

You get to leverage my knowledge and  expertise. From running my own business, working with elite clients, investing in courses, and lessons learned from my own coaches -- I share it all with you when you're part of this group.  

I believe in giving you the tools and information that you need RIGHT NOW in order to grow. 

No guessing. Less waiting. More growth.

4 months of a unique, personalized blend of live trainings, hot seat coaching, and accountability to give you all the tools you need. The intentionally SMALL cohorts allow you to get the individual attention you deserve.

Personalized feedback when YOU need it! I believe in giving you as much support as possible in order to help you reach success QUICKLY!

Access to Louise, our accountability coach and successful UpLevel Lounge Group Coaching graduate, who provides additional support and works closely with me to ensure you are on the right track.

Lifetime access to an entire LIBRARY of coaching resources, including exclusive trainings, guides, and templates that I reserve just for my coaching students!

Training on the most up-to-date industry best practices and updates in order to truly build a business that will STAND OUT and attract clients willing to invest!

Mindset work so you can confidently EMBRACE your true role as the CEO of your business in order to thrive and grow!

Curious what my coaching students have to say?

Listen to some of their testimonials and I think you'll realize you've landed in the right spot when it comes to growing your business. 


Are you ready to FINALLY achieve the income goals you want?


Are you ready to stop guessing at how to scale and get step-by-step guidance?

Want to STOP wasting time and START making more in your online business?

I am here to help you. But... here's the thing. Because I want to give each person maximum attention, I only accept a small number into each cohort.

Apply now to be the first to know when spots are open!


The next round starts in January 2022!


This program is intentionally kept small and group members are hand-chosen.

So, once the spots are gone, they are gone...
so don't wait.

Apply for the next cohort NOW! 




Warning: This group coaching program will bring you CLARITY and push you to take action to realize your business goals. 


Apply for The UpLevel Lounge Group Coaching Program

Save your spot for the next round.


Antoinette Placides

Coaching Client

"Melissa provides over the top value. Plus the accountability is REAL! I know we are only a month and a half in but so far, compared to other masterminds and group coaching I joined - this is my favorite! You get real-talk, no BS feedback but also the spanking when you need it, the sisterhood and the safe space to show up when you got a win or feeling down. So thank you all! It's amazing to have you as my sisters in this journey. And thank you so so much Melissa!!"

Samantha Jade

Coaching Client

"Since my first VIP Session with Melissa, I haven’t been able to stop telling her how amazing she is. She culminated 4 years of my wandering ideas into a perfect set of offerings in  2 hours and gave me ALL the clarity I’ve been searching for. She provided me with so much information during that one call.... You can tell she is confident in her ability to continue to be a wealth of information. I cannot thank her enough for the impact that she has made on my business."

Marcela Landon

Coaching Client

"Working with Melissa has been epic! Since I've started to work with her I've been able to make changes in my business that have been so valuable. Melissa not only brings her knowledge and strategy, but also her great personality that allows for great communication and coaching."

Angie Webb

Coaching Client

"Thank you for everything Melissa! I truly enjoyed our coaching sessions. I looked forward to them every week. They kept me motivated and moving forward in my business and having you to speak with was so valuable in getting through any roadblocks that came up. I'm so happy I made this investment with you!"

Lisa McKenna

Coaching Client

"Melissa Froehlich has been a game changer for my business. She's my silent partner, prompting me to get out of my comfort zone, and convince me that after 30 years in business it's time to show off my street cred. Consulting with her has coaxed out the talents I can offer to prospective clients and she leverages those to tailor a plan that works at the right time. Through setting up media relationships, long and short term goals, and just being a resource to bounce if a decision is "right", Melissa's remarkable consulting services have righted my business toward a direction that I never thought would be possible."

Roshauna Clarke

Coaching Client

"Before working with Melissa, I was very overwhelmed with starting my new career as an online business manager. I was wasting time doing a lot of tasks that were not yielding results. I had the enthusiasm, education and drive with no clarity. She asked my vision for my business. She then helped me set goals and then action steps. Every interaction with Melissa has helped me in improved my business and myself in some way. My confidence has grown. I have landed two clients from leads that she instructed me on how to pursue and close the deal. I would recommend Melissa to any entrepreneur looking for direction, confidence, and strategic planning."

Marjorie Torre

Coaching Client

"Of all of the coaches I've hired, you're the only one who were able to identify that wire in my brain that needed adjusting!"

Janice Pawlitsky

Coaching Client

"This has hands-down been my favorite group I've been in and so much of that is because of you, Melissa Froehlich 💖. You over-deliver, you give us REAL TALK, you don't hold back, and you always have a shoulder when we need that too and you're super smart and give us great advice!!! This has been such a valuable group coaching program.

I have thoroughly enjoyed these 6 months with y'all!

I know I would now have grown as much as I have this year if it wasn't for this group. I feel so much more confident (I was an f'n wreck in January) and while I'm still a work in progress, I feel so much better about what I need to do. 👊